Optimal software for your business

The software is the „brain“ of your IT infrastructure – and the range of software providers and products cannot be overviewed by a layman.

Place your trust in the know-how and experience of Gelicom Computer Systems GmbH for the choice of stable and safe software.

We equip your IT with the software which is most suitable for your requirements and needs and protect the system by means of an anti-virus programme. For this we rely on approved standard software from renowned producers such as Microsoft, Linux and Apple for many applications as they offer a high degree of safety.

Application software

For the choice of application software, also, such as accounting programmes, software for material management or software solutions for the hotel business we are your competent contact persons. If you are looking for a solution for a niche application we can help you with the search for a respective provider and can test whether your desired software is compatible with the configuration of your IT or whether it has to be adapted.

Updates, Backups, Help with Problems

In order to avoid data overrun, we take care of all the backups and updates from our service center. Furthermore, within the frame of our support, we solve any problems with the software via a remote support tool.

Standardsoftware für Ihre IT

  • MS Windows Server 2012
  • MS Windows Server 2008-R2
  • MS Windows Server 2003-R2
  • MS Windows Server AD All Versions
  • MS Exchange Server 2013 Admin
  • MS Exchange Server 2010 Deploy
  • MS Exchange Server 2010 Admin
  • MS Exchange Server 2003 Migration
  • MS Windows 10 User OS Admin
  • MS Windows 8.1 User OS Admin
  • MS Windows 7 User OS Admin
  • MS Windows XP User OS Admin
  • MS Windows 8 Mobile User OS Admin
  • Windows VMware Virtual OS
  • Windows VirtualBox Virtual OS
  • Windows HyperV Virtual OS
  • Ubuntu Linux Server 15.10 Deploy
  • Ubuntu Linux Server 15.10 Admin

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