The enterprise

Gelicom Computer Systems GmbH in Sandhausen has been a competent and demanded contact point for state-of-the-art IT solutions since 1996. We work for companies in Germany and the whole of Europe with a main focus on Austria, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

We offer comprehensive IT solutions, products, applications and support for companies in various sectors and of every size – from the regional general practitioner and handicraft business over small and medium-sized businesses to Europe-wide operating hotel groups.

As a full service provider for the IT infrastructure of businesses we distribute the hardware of renowned brand manufacturers, supply and install the software as well as the necessary safety modules and configurate printing and copying systems, attachments and possible peripheral devices.

From business start-up up to this very day the main focus of our activities has been on the design and implementation of individual IT infrastructure solutions for the hotel business.

This orientation did not come by chance. As a qualified hotel manageress the founder and managing director of Gelicom, Angelika Vollenweider recognized early that the equipment with high-grade IT, TV and security systems would become an essential quality criterion especially in the hotel branch. Nowadays the IT standard of a location is decisive for whether it is booked as a venue for meetings and conferences or not.

Today Gelicom Computer Systems GmbH with its 15 employees is regarded to be one of the most reputable addresses in the international as well as Europe-wide hotel business. After numerous projects which we have realized in the past 20 years in the hospitality branch, our company is a demanded partner for the hotel and hospitality business concerning the equipment of your property with innovative and state-of-the-art solutions. For instance for IT equipment, communication, property management systems, point of sale systems or closed-circuit television systems we are the partner you are looking for.

No matter whether it is in the hotel business or in any other sector, EDP projects demand a high degree of accuracy, flexibility and customer awareness. Being the nervous system of your company, the EDP has to function in exactly the way your business defines it and be available  exactly when you need it.

Gelicom Computer Systems GmbH works with this consciousness, the greatest diligence and customer orientation to lead your projects to success.

We work hand in hand with all the renowned hard- and software providers, in the re-sell sector as well as in the property as service and training center.

Our specially trained technicians adapt your business processes and in this way fit in as a connecting link between your company and the applied systems.

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