IT Service for Schools

Gelicom Computer Services GmbH equips schools with up-to-date IT technology. We are your reliable partner

  • When your school desires a modern IT concept
  • When the school administration and/or classrooms shall be equipped with the respective hard- and software
  • When each pupil shall use a notebook, tablet-PC or a smartphone during the lessonl

Modern IT for new teaching concepts

The use of digital media belongs to everyday life in almost all of our areas of life. Modern concepts for school lessons cannot do without the application of the respective efficient IT infrastructure either.

Meanwhile digital media such as notebook and smartphone are applied at many schools to support teaching. In this way, e.g. an internet research can be carried out on the respective topic of the lesson or a video can be shown. Modern analysis and learning programmes , for example, give us the possibility to recognize each pupil’s individual performance level and to reduce weaknesses by selective learning.

IT Services from Gelicom Computer Systems

We equip schools with modern, reasonably priced hard- and software, install WLAN, networks, multimedia equipment or wireless presentation systems such as „ClickShare“ by Barco, which simply transfers the presentation data from the main computer to as many laptops as needed at the touch of a button.

If requested we take over the regular maintenance and care of your IT, monitor the complete system and in the case of a disorder we restore the trouble-free operation by remote maintenance.

IT for your school – our services

  • Consultancy, planning and concept
  • Reasonably priced IT components such as servers, PCs, notebooks, smartphones
  • Mobile classrooms
  • OLPC / Sugarlabs Project
  • Installation of all the components
  • Computer Room Managed Software Systems
  • Installation of operation systems
  • Installation of standard software
  • Anti-virus programmes and Firewall
  • Maintenance and support

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