Communication: TV systems, telephony, video conferences …

The progress in the field of communication is breath-taking. Providing and exchanging information at all times and all places as well as availability almost everywhere are characteristic for this development.

In order to remain successful and competitive, it is substantial for companies to take this development into account and to hold the respective communication systems available.

Gelicom Computer Systems GmbH plans and installs performance-orientated communication solutions tailored to your company.

Telephony / Telephone Systems

When selecting your telephone system the following questions are of importance:

  • How many telephone numbers are required?
  • How many extensions shall be installed?
  • Will the number of extensions possibly be increased?
  • Which functions are requested?
  • Shall Smartphone and Home Office be included?

Depending on the demand and the budget, you have the choice between the following systems when you are in search of the optimal telephone system: Analogue/ ISDN as well as systems for internet telephony (VoIP & Cloud-Telephony). We install and configurate both versions.

Our partners in the field of telephony: Wildix, STARFACE, NEC and Auerswald

TV Systems

For hotels, conference centers, hospitals, health resorts, senior citizens’ homes etc. in Germany and abroad we design and install modern TV systems for internet-, satellite- or cable TV.

For this we cooperate with renowned producers and offer you a broad pallet of system solutions. Three examples of many are:

Communication – our services

  • Planning, installation, support of your telephone system
  • VoIP
  • ISDN
  • Frame Relay and Multiplex connections
  • Video conferences / infrastructure – planning, maintenance, support
  • Planning, installation, support of your TV system

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